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Gayatri Spivak speaking on Sthaniya Sambaad in a lecture

January 23, 2012


saw the film last night

February 11, 2010


I saw “Sthaniya Sambaad” yesterday here in Chicago. It is a gem of a film that combines dark humor with a rare poignancy. The story of contemporary Kolkata, caught between the winds of change and abiding memories and selves, has not been told better. The film is wonderfully shot, well acted, and brilliantly edited. The sound design is astounding.

There are moments that remind you of Ghatak, but that is because the film does not simply cite him, but genuinely achieves those cinematic heights. A couple of scenes featuring the heroine’s family are weak, but the rest is magnificent. This has been a labor of love for you, so take a bow.

Anustup Basu, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign