From Ravi Vasudevan

March 29, 2010

I liked very much the bid to develop a very specific type of tempo, captured by the trope of somnambulism, the feeling of being somewhat out of joint or
out-of-time, a disphasure (?) as a structuring feature of narration. The deployment of stasis, stillness and re-framing, used for the shopfront conversation and the portraiture of the ‘alphabets’ acquired an effect which is again interestingly off-centre from the traditional choric functions. I liked this ambition, to capture multiple entry points or conditions of being, and the ruse (this is from Geeta Kapur’s comments!) of deploying the out of joint persona as a thread whose avowed target or object of desire is herself displaced and dispersed scenically. The kafkaesque alternative universe inhabited by the linguistically diverse and yet challenged pair (can they string together a coherent sentence in any known language?) was great fun, opened all sorts of spaces, non-spaces as in the wonderful opening tabula rasa, through to strange corridors, beef eating joints, and the
ultimate piece de resistance, Mr Paul’s overview of the urban horizon. This was my reference to Lynch, not as something you may consciously have quoted, but as strategy for making worlds strange by creating parallel and yet intersecting universes, a moebius strip effect which seems particularly apposite to the world(s) we live or dream in.

As you can see, many lines of thought and excitement, but a second screening is a must!

love, Ravi

Ravi Vasudevan, Professor and Fellow, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi


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