From Dipesh Chakrabarty

February 13, 2010

“I really liked your film “Spring in the Colony.” It made very effective use of some neo-realist techniques along with some elements of the fabulous to capture the disruptive politics of “urban development” that is now transforming the human face of the city of Calcutta. Your use of non-actors and the attempt to reproduce the soundscape of the city also seemed to meet with remarkable success. Touches of light and witty humor, variations in the pace of the film as the camera moves from one quarter of the city to another, deft use of songs as a memory-device to recall very different moments of Bengali history – these and other attributes of the movie leave the viewer with a vivid and complex sense of the rich ironies of life in the city as people struggle to cope with all the absurdity that current models of development present to them. I wish our social-scientific studies of the city could achieve such distinction.”

Dipesh Chakrabarty
Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor
The University of Chicago


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